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Dolby Atmos Music is a high-quality format available on the TIDAL and Amazon Music HD streaming platforms that can be heard on headphones, smart speakers and soundbars.

To create the mix, it uses a system that in addition to the linear tracks (beds) is combined with individual sounds (objects), where each object has metadata that tells the system where in the sound field it will be located.

What this allows is to represent the content in a way that adapts to the playback environment, whether it's a large cinema, a living room or headphones.

This is essential in the listening experience because nowadays, people enjoy content everywhere: a cinema, smart speakers, soundbars and mobile devices (headphones). The mix created in Dolby Atmos, will adapt to each situation ensuring its essence, thanks to the scalability of the system

We have a studio 7.4.1 (to be soon approved by Dolby) that allow us to mix in this format and to deliver the material in optimal quality

360 Reality Audio is a Sony format available on TIDAL, Amazon Music HD, Deezer and

It's based on the precision of the spatiality it achieves and is mainly focused on playback in headphones, although it can also be listened with smart speakers

It also allows the user to personalize their listening experience by loading individual HRTF profiles, something like the "fingerprint" of their hearing.

Dear VR Pro is a high-quality all-in-one tool for creating mixes in all immersive formats: Binaural, Ambisonics and Multichannel (5.1 to 13.1)


It features ultra-realistic acoustics for virtual room simulation and advanced 3D panorama that make it the most versatile software for music, post-production, gaming, VR, AR, and 360 video productions.


In the field of the Ambisonics format there is an interesting variety of tools available with different design and application styles that will be used depending on the project:

Some of them are:

ATK, IEM, Sparta, Waves 360 NX, Facebook 360 and 360 Pan suite (Audioease)

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