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El primer álbum en Argentina mezclado íntegramente en formato Dolby Atmos

Para disfrutar de esta experiencia completa necesitás:

Dispositivo compatible con Dolby Atmos,

ariculares y Suscripción a TIDAL HIFI   (más info)

... and check how does a Tango mixed with immersive sound sound like
(headphones only)

Put on your headphones on and click on "play"

For a better listening experience 

select: Settings -> Quality -> 720 or 1080

With this demo you will be able to hear the comparison between a traditional stereo mix and an immersive mix
Whole mixes:
(headphones only)

In order to listen to music in Dolby Atmos Music format you will need:



  • Amazon Music HD (not yet available in Argentina)

DOLBY ATMOS Compatible Devices:

  • ANDROID TV, Smartphone or Tablet

  • APPLE TV‌ 4K

In the TIDAL app, go to Explore and scroll down to select Dolby Atmos.

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Buenos Aires, Argentina

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