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Mastering para Dolby Atmos

Ya tenés tu material mezclado en stereo pero querés que esté disponible en las plataformas de streaming en Dolby Atmos? Nosotros lo masterizamos para el formato!

Mezcla para Dolby Atmos

Necesitás mezclar tu material desde cero para Dolby Atmos?

Dale un salto de calidad a tu material: no te quedes afuera de este formato que no para de crecer en Apple Music y TIDAL, y aumentá tus reproducciones en las plataformas de Streaming.

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Immersive mixing and mastering

Facing the advancement of technology, we have access to the tools to be able to mix in the immersive format that your project requires: Dolby Atmos Music, 360 Reality Audio (Sony), Ambisonics, 7.1 and 5.1

In order to reach the music streaming platforms we also offer the mastering service, to generate the correct "deliverable" for each platform.


Sound capture for immersive format

There is nothing like planning a project from its conception, that is why we make audio production and recording for immersive, musical and audiovisual projects, both live and in the studio, using stereo, multichannel and Ambisonics techniques for audio capture.

Audio for Virtual Reality and 360 Video

Both virtual reality and augmented reality require audio content in all directions, for which a 360-degree sound design is essential to accompany the viewer's experience.


Immersive Sound for Film and TV

Dolby Atmos is currently the trending required format in the audiovisual industry, to be able to reach theater and home end-users consumers.

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